0.1.0 By Wrannaman

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An open-source sci-fi novel by Wrannaman. Learn more at https://wrannaman.com

Follow Kaiya Hikaya in this action packed, post apocalyptic journey set thousands of years after the singularity. 

Kaiya is chosen as the conduit to reunite the sentient AI that destroyed humanity. Watch her fight to save her friends from the Wrannaman-killing Sikkas and find out what happened to her mother.

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Seriously though, I wrote this to be a purely fun read. You'll enjoy this if you liked: 

- The Hunger Games

- The Maze Runner 

- The Road

- The Kingkiller Chronicles

- The Amber Chronicles

- Mistborn Trilogy

What kind of world is this?

- No Dragons / Wizards / etc. 

- It's set in the future, but not one in which technology progressed much further than where it is today.

- There are guns, planes, helicopters

I want this!

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0.1.0 By Wrannaman

0 ratings
I want this!